Causes of Inflammation

  • Standard Western food program
  • Refined sugars, white flour products
  • Commercial meat products, excess meat consumption
  • Omega-6 oils (animal fats, corn, and soy, safflower, canola, low-quality oils)
  • Commercial dairy products, especially cow milk products
  • Eggs from commercially-raised chickens
  • Persistent emotional upset or lingering negative thought patterns
  • Too little exercise or too much exercise
  • Smoking, environmental toxicity, poisons

Reduces Inflammation

  • Plant-based food program, Mediterranean diet, traditional Indian -and Asian diets
  • Whole grains
  • Olive oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil, coconut oil, and fatty cold-water fish
  • Grass-fed animal milk products; goat
  • Organically raised hens
  • Lightheartedness, contentment, joy, and laughter
  • Moderate exercise daily for 30 – 45 minutes
  • Clean and peaceful environment

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