Cleanse Class Testimonials

"I met Malik about 1 year ago, when I took his "Parasite Cleanse", I dropped about 15-18lbs, but more importantly I probably felt the best I've felt in 15-20yrs. I was so impressed with him, that I wanted to become a patient of his. He is very busy and wasn't taking new patients, I begged and begged. He agreed to see me and my children. Malik has been instrumental in improving the health of not just me but my entire family. My children adore him. They think he is the best doctor ever. I hate to pigeonhole him using the word doctor because it isn't that he is treating us for an illness, he is creating an entirely new mindset. I can't say enough good things about him. This cleanse was a little harder, because I water fasted. I feel amazing, and feel inspired to make, I have made, huge change in my life, my childrens lives that I feel is going to impact them for the rest of their lives. I want Malik to know from the bottom of my heart - Thank you-Thank you-Thank you."

~ Michele Russo, Neurofeedback Therapist

"It is difficult to put into words what a blessing it's been to work, learn, grow, laugh & play with Malik Cotter and staff these past 14+ years. Either in clinic, workshops or class, I always learn so much about health and myself. To listen deeply, speak from my heart and breathe with life's health journeys with compassion and love for myself and others. Thank you Malik!"

~ Douglas Armanini, Wailuku, HI

I’m originally from Iran and have been a Maui resident for 18 years. I met Malik 2 years after I moved here and he has been my hero ever since. Short of taking blood tests, he is my healer in every other department. Malik’s course is absolutely phenomenal. His presentation is different from anyone I’ve ever experienced - he combines a tremendous amount of knowledge from ancient Chinese Medicine, philosophy and wisdom and combines it with new science and Western Medicine. He is one of the most amazing people I know and carries so much knowledge and we all so fortunate to be around him. The Cleanse & Rejuvenate course was an amazing experience for me.

~ Darius Taj, BMW Sales Associate

"The cleanse has really impacted my life because I've been wanting to change to a more vegan diet and change the acidosis/alkalinity within my body. I knew that was important for my health, and what a great experience to have with the support of 70 other people in the class, and be able to carry that thru. A side benefit is that I've lost 10lbs while I've been on the cleanse for 26 days. Malik really stands out to me; over my life I've gone to many different practitioners whether O.D.'s, homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors or traditional doctors. Malik has vast experience from his Chinese Medicine background, and he pulls all that in and gives us facts about our bodies. It's really important for me to have facts so I can make an informed and educated decision before I make a change in my life...Malik get's down to the core of it in that's about what we put in our mouths - the food. I'm so glad to have participated in this cleanse. I highly recommend it to everyone."

~ Terri Huber, Life Mastery Consultant

I'm primarily a Massage Therapist and I've taken many classes with Malik and I’ve had many private sessions with him as a physician and I think the Cleanse & Rejuvenate Course is incredible. Everybody deserves to have this experience because it is life-changing. It’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. With so many theories around health, it is crucial to have a trusted source to turn to, so that people can take charge of their own health. I have been following his teaching for many years and they have impacted me and my work. I highly recommend taking classes with Malik and seeing him as a patient.

~ Naïma

I just finished Malik’s Cleanse & Rejuvenate course and I’m very happy with it. For me doing a cleanse in that depth is challenging to do on my own so having the class and the group is very helpful. I’m impressed with how Malik put it all together. I feel a lot better in my body – more clear and lighter. I love Malik as a person and as a practitioner. I plan on doing his next cleanse and would absolutely recommend it to anybody who is interested in being healthier.

~ Jayanti Nand, owner Natureworks Nursery