Dr. Malik Cotter

Malik Cotter

Malik began studying Chinese medicine in the mid 1970's. He is a Doctor of Acupuncture, a Diplomate of Chinese Medicine, has been awarded an Honorary Professorship at Chengdu Medical University in China, is nationally Certified in Chinese Herbology and teaches patients and students the art of Qigong and Taijiquan. He has authored manuals on herbal usage, written for health-related magazines, has been a consultant for major herb companies, lectures internationally, teaches herbology, nutrition and other health related topics. Learn more....

“As a spiritual friend and a patient, I have experienced Malik’s skill as a healer and the depth of his insight in both his professional capacity and his inner being.  I enjoy his Daoist approach to philosophy.  Malik’s loving presence, his freedom of intellect and integrity, common sense and humor have been a welcome infusion.”

Ram Dass, author, spiritual teacher, former Harvard professor



Once you have given up your limited self willingly to the Unlimited, you will rejoice so much in that consciousness that you will not care to be small again.  - Sufi Inayat Khan


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